A small take on the work-from-home situation in Lebanon lately

A personal opinion: If you are a business owner in Lebanon, this is the time where you revise your business model and internal culture. To be able to survive such challenges, the planning should have started yesterday so to survive the wave with as fewer damages. Not too late.

It starts with you. What culture you built in the company & what environment you allowed, will dictate how you & your co-works will adapt & evolve. We can’t all predict what’s around the corner, but if you are not prepared as a unit, it won't matter how determined you are.

In days where remote work is a must. If your concern is more of how can make sure she/he is working, then you are not prepared for this challenge/opportunity. A good working unit is built on trust and responsibility, not on a punch-in punch-out machine.

A unit that has a culture of support & responsibility among each other knows a challenge must be met & overcome. Whether they work individually on a task or step up to support when needed, makes all the difference. You place thus unit miles from each other, they will figure a way.

but it won’t matter if the culture you placed in the first place was one of: avoid punishment, do it and clock out. If your company policy has more disciplinary policies than motivational ones, it is an uphill path for you in days like this.

It could be a team of 3 or a company of a 100. a culture with a space to look forward to challenges will stand by you and will support each other. They are not going for the reward nor your approval. They are just aiming north.

The technical part of working remotely is the easy part btw.

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