Voted to be Peter Pan by my daughter. Working on my typos, when not, I also spend time on LinkedIn:

Do you have one?

A good punching bag should act in a predictable way when you punch it.

There are standard guidelines for a purchasing punching bag. The weight and size are calculated based on yours, the hooks, the stands, and other specifications; all should be considered when buying one.

A Good punching bag…

It seems neither are we

I usually withhold myself from giving parenting advice. I only have two daughters; how much does this entitle me to give advice! But telling you my experience is something else.

A piece of advice I feel ok giving because I can conceal it in a joke, and only a few…

And those around you

Remember it is #worldmentalhealthday . It is meant to be a day of awareness, a day to just pause for a minute and ask:

📝How are you feeling?

✔ Ask yourself

✔ Ask those around you

✔ If you are in charge of people, don’t delegate

✔ If you are…

M. Nash Suleiman

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