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Voted to be Peter Pan by my daughter. Working on my typos, when not, I also spend time on LinkedIn:

A layer deeper

I think infomercials truly shaped a generation worth of salespeople. It allowed the same playbook to be handed down from one player to the next, adding new chapters to the exact blueprint.

When the lady spoke about her clients’ challenges, their needs didn’t fit the same playbook many career and…

She gave me 20 minutes of her time.

I’ve probably spoken to more strangers in a few weeks now than I did a whole year before. Each is a story to be thankful for, but one stood out yesterday.

I’ll skip the intro and get to the point. A friend of a friend, recommend someone, I had an…

Bad news?

Graphics Animator, this is what I aimed to be growing up. I wanted to animate short films, movies, games too…and I worked hard for that. I got a chance early in my life to pursue a real job, and I got a dose of a reality check.

Let me paint…

It seems neither are we

I usually withhold myself from giving parenting advice. I only have two daughters; how much does this entitle me to give advice! But telling you my experience is something else.

A piece of advice I feel ok giving because I can conceal it in a joke, and only a few…

And those around you

Remember it is #worldmentalhealthday . It is meant to be a day of awareness, a day to just pause for a minute and ask:

📝How are you feeling?

✔ Ask yourself

✔ Ask those around you

✔ If you are in charge of people, don’t delegate

✔ If you are…

Just because they are doing well, don’t assume they are well

Statements that start with: there are two groups of people…are usually a sign of a lack of empathy (a highly debatable personal opinion). I do though, believe that it can be a good exercise in a healthy discussion, a one that you need to have with yourself. Mental Health Day…

It is a bit more than what some brands assume it is.

Yesterday I wrote something that is dear to me, something about bedtime stories and storytelling in general. I got a call from a friend and we ended up discussing it for a bit. It got me thinking.

Storytelling is something you get to develop over time, it is tightly connected…

Some stories are just not for you

When my first daughter was born, like all parents I had a list of moments and dreams that I associated with parenthood. One of those is bedtime stories. …

It is just another question to ask, not an end of the discussion

What would it impact if you find out the answer is YES? or NO? will it make you a better leader or better parent? To me, the impact that comes from trying to answer such questions is in process, the layers you uncover, and the journey into the unasked questions.

At what cost will your answer be no?

A post by Dan Mott got my attention earlier, and I am glad when
I see people use their platforms for such messages. I think the question is mostly underrated by most of us or misapplied. Yet it remains crucial, among the most helpful, and a reliable tool to master.


M. Nash Suleiman

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